Hero of the Week – Lemon

It is time for our weekly Hero of the Week Award!

This time, without a doubt in my mind, it is Lemon! In my opinion it is one of the greatest oils Young Living has to offer because it is insanely versatile and so good for you; plus it smells heavenly.  Read More


Spring Sniffles Be Gone Spray

Hello, hello!

As already discussed in my previous posts, SPRING.. IS.. HERE! Whoohoo! I talked about how to get rid of those lousy ants, I gave you some great spring diffuser recipes and today, I want to talk about Spring Sniffles. Darn allergies! Read More

Spring’s Around the Corner

Hello my FollOILers!

Since spring is literally right around the corner I figured it’d be nice to share some Spring Diffuser recipes I found on Pinterest with you guys. I’m excited to try more of these myself! I have tried a few of them already and I have to admit, I absolutely love it when family and friends come over and compliment me on my oily-smelly-good house :)!

So here you go, let me know which combination is your most favorite! Happy Diffusing!


YL’s Oil of the Month!

Hello, hello!

It has been a way too crazy week, so I didn’t get to write on here at all. I was super busy at work and now my weekend is packed with theatre activities (our local theatre is currently performing “Alice in Wonderland”), as well as some long over due family fun time (I owe my dog Pluto a nice, loooong walk – I was just way too lazy after my long days to take him during the week, bad doggy mom, I know!). Read More

Hero of the Week

First Hero of the Week Award goes to…

Every Friday at work we have our little staff meeting going on, in which my manager tells us about all the great and wonderful things our company has done and achieved lately and in the CEO report there is a section called “Stars of the Week”, listing wonderful people that did an outstanding job and deserve a shout out. So me, being me (which is usually a big ole goofball), came up with the great idea of the “Hero of the Day” coin, to give to people who did an outstanding job to help me or my department. This led me to yet another great idea: Why just give a shout out and Hero of the Day award to people that helped me? Why not oils that have helped me through the week? Read More

How it Began

Sharing is Caring…

The great thing about Young Living is that nobody showed up to my door step and said “Laura, you will HAVE TO buy these oils, because they are so great and they will change your life.” and even though the previous comment is 100% true, to this day (even when I made the decision to buy my Premium Starter Kit) nobody has EVER said, that I should or have to buy these oils. They just always shared their stories, their experiences and in some nice cases their oils and diffuser! Read More